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“Compared to the thousands of dollars we were paying on overages fees monthly, we spend close to nothing on bandwidth overages now. They handled everything for me and were easy to work with. The monthly savings speak for itself. BandwidthDiet is definitely a must have in e-commerce. Thanks guys!”

Jason Hsu

Founder & CEO,

“Bandwidth Diet is an excellent way to help mitigate the rising costs of being a successful Volusion customer. If you have a highly trafficked Volusion store, you are almost certainly getting hit by unacceptable overage costs. They’re responsive staff helps address any technical concerns, and the integration is virtually seamless.

As your business grows, your eventual migration costs will be great, and eventually you’ll need to migrate away from Volusion as we did. However, Bandwidth Diet will help you manage your expenses in the interim, which is a hugely valuable service.”

Austin Johnson


“As a Volusion large customer, we found our excessive bandwidth monthly charges to be very expensive. We engaged with BandwidthDiet to try out their data savings at their basic level to save 50% on bandwidth charges. We received immediate savings on the first month of working with Bandwidth Diet, and in fact, have now been able to downgrade our Volusion data plan a level. The switchover was seamless, and our BandwidthDiet contact is very responsive to any questions we’ve had.”

Todd Larson


“Glad we have switched to BandwithDiet! We are saving 60% on traffic costs now.”

Sergiy Lishchuk


Guaranteed Compatibility with your ecommerce store

About Us

"I started Bandwidth Diet when my friend complained that his Volusion bandwidth fees were killing him.  Having run and sold two ecommerce companies myself, I know how tight the margins can be.  Every dollar counts.

I created a solution to solve his problem, and it will work for you too."

Byron Hsu

Founder, Bandwidth Diet

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